New Store – Jedi Advisory

If you do a search on CafePress for the word “Jedi”, your search will come up empty, not a single entry. Considering the popularity of Star Wars, I find it hard to believe that no one in this great big internet has every tried to tag a Cafe Press design with the word.

Honestly, I could see using the tag “Jedi” on designs that have nothing to do with Star Wars just to bring searcher to my designs.

I assume that at some time in the past, George Lucas’s lawyers came a-calling and Cafe Press (wanting to stay in business) put “Jedi” at the top of the list of tags shopkeeppers are not allowed to use. I thought people should be warned. (By the way, I did not use the tag “jedi” myself otherwise, I am sure the store would be empty.)

A Professional Biopsy of Daniel P. Magyar

Niwot High School – graduated: Whoopee!

Iowa State University – Majored in Computer Science, then Industrial Arts and Education, then Mathematics, then Naval Science, then dropped out. Went back for Mechanical Engineering, had a son and dropped out.

US Navy – Electrician’s Mate, Nuclear Power Program – Honorman: Nuclear Field “A” School, Honorman: Nuclear Power School, … medically discharged

Sigler Companies – over the course of nine years managed seven departments from Hand Bindery to Information Technology. SUCCESS!

St. Vrain Valley School District – Manager of Technology Support, could not handle it. Currently is one of two technicians on the IT Help Desk

Biopsy Findings: Non-malignant but not good either.

"Random Spanish" Flair

I randomly speak SPANISH in daily conversation.

I created this Flair on because it was just too appropriate for my son, Connor. He is taking second year spanish in high school and is always inserting spanish words into daily conversation. I sent it to three people on October 26th. It is now being used by almost 1200 Facebook users. Due to its success I have also added it to my store at

SQL, Man

This caped hero came to simplify our world one database at a time. His queries will dazzle you. His keystrokes will simplify. With SQL Man there is no trans log. SQL Man fears only one thing, AppMan. What is his secret weapon you ask……………celery and kidney beans.

Illustration requested by Mr Rogers.

Carpe Dulcis Diem

Latin Translation:
carpe – to pluck, seize, grab, lay hold of, hold on to
dulcis – sweet, pleasant, agreeable, delightful
diem – day
Have a Nice Day

I was looking into some latin translations when this idea struck me.