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Easy Gene-Pool Cleaner

Here is a new tongue-in-cheek dSign I have added to my CafePress store.

Tip Card

Tipping waiters and waitresses is the accepted practice in the United States. Many do not know the…

New Store – Jedi Advisory

If you do a search on CafePress for the word “Jedi”, your search will come up empty,…

Obama DeathStar

CafePress took down another one of my images. This time it was one I had titled The…

Wikipedia Design

Added a new Wikipedia design to my CafePress store. (click here)

Wikipedia – Flat Earth

This is a design I am working on for my CafePress store. Any suggestions?

Logo Lives

I have started a new web project at . (more to come…)

"Random Spanish" Flair

I randomly speak SPANISH in daily conversation. I created this Flair on because it was just…

Trek Geeks

Sold another Klingon Infant body suit. This time to a woman in Texas. Going to add ‘Momma’s…

My Latest Sale on CafePress

So who is geekier? The guy that designed this or the guy that bought one?

SQL, Man

This caped hero came to simplify our world one database at a time. His queries will dazzle…

Beheaded Pooh-Bear Walking

Target Practice

Carpe Dulcis Diem

Latin Translation: carpe – to pluck, seize, grab, lay hold of, hold on to dulcis – sweet,…


Tigger Swings