Becket Bowls

On May 1 , 2013 I ordered a small dog bowl from CafePress. When you design these products the CafePress site specifically says “What you see is what you get.”

What I saw: 


What I got:


On May 7, I received the above product. The quality of the bowl is quite nice but they cropped off the bottom of the design. I submitted a complaint to CafePress: “Quality Comments: The image on the bowl was cropped off the bottom by about 1/4 inch.”

CafePress responded promptly:

Dear Daniel,

I am sorry the Pet Bowl you received was not printed perfectly! I want you to be 100% satisfied with everything you purchase at I am ordering you a replacement right away at no additional charge. You should receive the replacement by May 17, 2013
and your new order number is 199456951.

There is no need for a return!  I do not want you to incur any additional shipping charges.  Please discard the original bow.

If there is anything else I can do for you, please let me know.

Your ticket code is LTK1115702246846X. Please use this code in any further communication.

Best Regards,

Maura L. Support Representative

1-877-809-1659 Toll-Free (US)
1-402-517-4480 International
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST, Monday – Friday

What I got:



Around May 14, I received the above product. The quality of the bowl is quite nice but they again cropped off the bottom of the design and sent the wrong size. I am submitting another complaint to CafePress.

Super QRC

Another designed nixed by CafePress:

Evidently, this may infringe the rights of a third party. What do you think?

Concept Mtn Dew

At the end of 2008, Pepsi Co. went through a major rebranding of their product lines. Here is a concept logo if they had pushed their Pepsi format across to Mountain Dew as well.

I came up with this design in early 2009. I made it available for sale on a variety of products on my CafePress store. A brief search showed that they had sold at least three t-shirts. On October 26th, 2009, I received two emails from CafePress stating that the image was being moved to “pending” status. (Pending Status = Design Death Warrant)

I wonder if I can send this to Pepsi and see if they would be interested in the design…

New "Momma's Lil' Klingon" dSign

Today I sold my first product with the new and allowed “Momma’s Lil’ Klingon” dSign. After selling a dozen or so infant bodysuits,  children’s t-shirts and bibs, CafePress decided my original Klingon dSign no longer met their guidelines. At this point ,I considered taking down my store. This wasn’t the only dSign they nixed and they were announcing their new pricing system. The new pricing system has so far increased the price the customer pays and has decreased my profit margin. (I wonder who is making out in this deal?) In digust, I went a while without a Momma’s Lil’ Klingon. I still don’t have a Mamma’s Lil’ Trekkie. CafePress banned two of my dSigns and inspiration hasn’t hit me yet for a third try. Anyway, here are the two Klingon dSigns. What do you think?





New Store – Jedi Advisory

If you do a search on CafePress for the word “Jedi”, your search will come up empty, not a single entry. Considering the popularity of Star Wars, I find it hard to believe that no one in this great big internet has every tried to tag a Cafe Press design with the word.

Honestly, I could see using the tag “Jedi” on designs that have nothing to do with Star Wars just to bring searcher to my designs.

I assume that at some time in the past, George Lucas’s lawyers came a-calling and Cafe Press (wanting to stay in business) put “Jedi” at the top of the list of tags shopkeeppers are not allowed to use. I thought people should be warned. (By the way, I did not use the tag “jedi” myself otherwise, I am sure the store would be empty.)

Obama DeathStar

CafePress took down another one of my images. This time it was one I had titled The Obama DeathStar. I do wonder how they decide which of their own rules to follow. Manipulation of someone elses logo is not allowed. I admit that is exactly what this is. But, I have have seen much lower quality parodys of other logos, such as Wal-Mart.

Update: I contacted Cafe Press asking about why my Obama DeathStar had to be removed while other similar designs were allowed. I specified two examples using the Obama logo and two using an images of the deathstar. Here is the reply I received:
Dear Daniel Magyar,
Thank you for contacting! As you may know, CafePress provides an automated service to a rich and vibrant community of international users. Unfortunately, because our service is automated, sometimes content that is not consistent with our Content Usage Policy is posted on CafePress. Another reason why the images in question may be up for sale is because certain shopkeepers have obtained authorization for the use of certain designs. We appreciate that you have brought this content to our attention and we will look into it. For more information please review our Content Usage Policy (, which is an accurate measure of what you can and cannot do through the CafePress service.
Best Regards,
Margene H.
Content Usage Associate
After I received this reply, I checked and both of the Obama examples I gave are still available. The deathstar ones are listed as “This Design is No Longer Available”. Personally, I suspect the long arm of George Lucas.