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Actually Uncommon

Here is a designed based on my belief than common courtesy, common knowledge and common sense are…

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I was originally just going to design a t-shirt that said “Friday”. This QRC resolves to T.G.I.F….

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This design was inspired by a conversation with some district teachers a summer or two ago. We…

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Another fake brand…

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Moral Compass

I tried to show with this design that my morals are not perfect. They probably do not…

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The idea behind this design has been rolling around in my head for years. I always thought…

Boulder, Boulder, Boulder…

   Trying to figure out why a lady in New Hampshire would want this bumper sticker…  

Carpe Dulcis Diem

A little latin to brighten ones day. Carpe translates to pluck, seize, grab, or hold on to….

Momma’s Lil’ Vulcan Bib

  Are you a fan of Vulcan logic? Indoctrinate your child into the Star Trek universe before…

New "Momma's Lil' Klingon" dSign

Today I sold my first product with the new and allowed “Momma’s Lil’ Klingon” dSign. After selling…

Easy Gene-Pool Cleaner

Here is a new tongue-in-cheek dSign I have added to my CafePress store.

"Random Spanish" Flair

I randomly speak SPANISH in daily conversation. I created this Flair on because it was just…