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Never Tried It

CafePress has nixed this design. I’m guessing someone has a copyright on copying the colorado license plate….

Becket Bowls

On May 1 , 2013 I ordered a small dog bowl from CafePress. When you design these…

Superman Logo in 20 Fonts

What if they had picked a different font?

A Design Concept

Super QRC

Another designed nixed by CafePress: Evidently, this may infringe the rights of a third party. What do you think?


I was originally just going to design a t-shirt that said “Friday”. This QRC resolves to T.G.I.F….

Super T Nixed

CafePress nixed this design, but these are OK… ?

Canadian Idiot

Canadian Idiot: a parody CD cover for Weird Al’s parody of Green Day’s American Idiot.

A New Logo


Momma’s Lil’ Whovian

A new Momma’s Lil’ design for Doctor Who fans.


This design was inspired by a conversation with some district teachers a summer or two ago. We…

Another fake brand…

Store Link

Moral Compass

  I tried to show with this design that my morals are not perfect. They probably do…


The idea behind this design has been rolling around in my head for years. I always thought…

Boulder, Boulder, Boulder…

   Trying to figure out why a lady in New Hampshire would want this bumper sticker…  

Carpe Dulcis Diem

A little latin to brighten ones day. Carpe translates to pluck, seize, grab, or hold on to….

Momma’s Lil’ Vulcan Bib

  Are you a fan of Vulcan logic? Indoctrinate your child into the Star Trek universe before…

Pooh Atrocities

I did these a couple years back. I had a lady that worked with me that LOVED…

Concept Mtn Dew

At the end of 2008, Pepsi Co. went through a major rebranding of their product lines. Here…

New "Momma's Lil' Klingon" dSign

Today I sold my first product with the new and allowed “Momma’s Lil’ Klingon” dSign. After selling…