My Unorthodox Help Desk Blog

I have started a Help Desk Blog on the district’s blog server, I guess that makes it an “Official” Help Desk Blog. I am going to treat it that way at least. In other words, I do not think it is a place for my own personal opinions. Those you will be able to find here. In a week or so, after I move over a couple posts, I am going to delete the blogger site that was My Unorthodox Help Desk Blog.

Moving the Copy Center

Official word came down today that the Copy Center is moving from ESC to Clover Basin. I predict this is the beginning of the end for the Copy Center. The majority of the the Copy Center clients are the departments at ESC, LSC and SSC. FedEx Kinkos is just to readily available for them to drive all the way over here. (Originally posted on my Unorthodox Help Desk blog.)

A Professional Biopsy of Daniel P. Magyar

Niwot High School – graduated: Whoopee!

Iowa State University – Majored in Computer Science, then Industrial Arts and Education, then Mathematics, then Naval Science, then dropped out. Went back for Mechanical Engineering, had a son and dropped out.

US Navy – Electrician’s Mate, Nuclear Power Program – Honorman: Nuclear Field “A” School, Honorman: Nuclear Power School, … medically discharged

Sigler Companies – over the course of nine years managed seven departments from Hand Bindery to Information Technology. SUCCESS!

St. Vrain Valley School District – Manager of Technology Support, could not handle it. Currently is one of two technicians on the IT Help Desk

Biopsy Findings: Non-malignant but not good either.