A Letter to Priscilla Licht

Dearest Priscilla,

If you are reading this note, it is because you were looked for it. I have not tweeted about it or linked to it in any way. It is just a solitary unreferenced page on my blog. To get here you most likely Google’d yourself or were snooping quite deliberately.

As you said in your letters, holding a grudge is a very ugly thing. It is one of my tendencies. From my perspective, our relationship is over.

I would suggest you stop worrying about what the Magyar’s are doing in Colorado and just try to enjoy your life.

Love, Dan

Priscilla Anne Licht is my wife’s sister. She is the wife of Richard Meilan, daughter of Gordon Arnold Licht and Elizabeth Ann Wuest. – this information provided in case another Priscilla Licht stumbles upon the page.

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