Closet Flamboyant

For years, there has been an inner part of me that I never allowed to fully emerge. Wearing a hat felt like an extravagance, something others might pull off, but not little old me. I was determined to ensure that no one noticed the wallflower I was supposed to be.

Throughout my memory, there’s been a desire to break free, to dress in a way that mirrors my inner artist. This was a challenge to reconcile with my conservative upbringing. I was often afraid that someone would mock me, or perhaps worse, no one would care.

But now, I’m taking steps towards liberation. I’ve started wearing socks in primary colors, though they usually go unnoticed until I take a seat. It feels daring.

Most people would be surprised to learn about my collection of hats. I typically reserve them for Halloween, but every now and then, I’ll pluck one from the front closet for an outing.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m sharing this, perhaps to acknowledge it to myself and to put a piece of my inner self out there, testing if anyone notices.

Happy New Year!