What are LogoLeyes?

Example: Wendy's as McDonalds
Example: Wendy's as McDonalds

LogoLeyes are a collection of over 200 false logos I have created. They are my commentary about how the corporate world uses branding to program our minds. Generally, each Logo Leye uses the design characteristics of one brand as if it was used by a major competitor. My guess is that they will look familiar to you. The corporations certainly want you to instantly recognize their brands.

Over the years, I have had a variety of reactions to these images. Most people at least find them familiar. Some can name each one in a split second. My favorite reactions to date:

  1. Rhonda told me to “take them away” because she found them very disturbing!
  2. A former co-worker commented about the appalling amount of space these corporations are taking up in our minds. 

Please comment with guesses, impressions and suggestions.


  • Leye rhythms with eye in Logo Leye.
  • My original logo for this project had the word Logo above the word Leye with a single shared ‘s’ at the end. That way it could be read ‘Logo Leyes’ or ‘Logos Leye’
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