The Port-Masters of Catan Rules



Required Components

The Port-Masters of Catan game supplement requires the following items:
10 – Maritime Trade Tokens (These can be made by removing the wedges from the harbor tokens that come with the third edition of Seafarers.)
24 – Wooden piers/wharfs in 6 colors: 4 of each color (One inch lengths of popsicle sticks work quite well.)
Except where noted below, The Port-Masters of Catan uses the same rules as The Seafarers of Catan™. It will also work well with Cities and Knights.

Assembling the Board

Construct the board as you would in The Seafarers of Catan™. The Maritime Trade Tokens are placed face-down to the side of the board.

Note: The harbor tiles and tokens from the Settlers and Seafarers board games are not used when playing with the Port-Masters supplement.


Pier/Wharf Building

In order to trade with the table at a more favorable ratio, it is crucial that you build piers and/or wharves.

Piers – To build a pier, you must have a settlement or city on a water hex and the cost is two wood. Unlike ships, piers are not placed at the hex side but directly out from the settlement toward the center of the water hex. After placing the pier, draw one of the Maritime Trade Tokens and place it face-up at the end of the pier.

Building Cost: 2 Wood – – – – – Victory Points: none

Wharves – a wharf is an expansion/extension of an existing pier. To build a wharf, you must have a city and a pier on a water hex and the cost is one wood, two bricks, and one ore. Wharves are place cross-wise at the end of an existing pier. After placing the wharf, draw an additional Token and place it face-up at the end of the wharf. If the second Maritime Trade Token is the same as the first, return it to the table and draw again. Each wharf is worth one victory point.

Building Cost: 1 Wood, 2 Brick, 1 Ore – – – – – Victory Points: 1
 Note: No more than two pier/wharf pieces may be placed in any one ocean hex, either two piers or one wharf.  see Examples below:

Maritime Trade

Maritime Trade Tokens represent the foreign shippers that have shown up to trade at the piers and wharves you have built. There are two types of tokens:

Generic: You can trade any resource or commodity at a 3:1 ratio with the bank.

Special: You can trade the represented resource at a 2:1 ratio with the bank.

pier placementExample 1a: The orange player turns in 2 Wood to builds a pier. He places the pier piece as shown and randomly picks a Maritime Trade Token and places it at the end of the pier.
– He may now trade with the bank 3:1 on any resource or commodity.
wharf placementExample 2: The orange player now turns in 1 Wood, 2 Brick and 1 Ore to expand his existing pier into a wharf. He places a wharf piece at the end of his pier as shown. He randomly picks another Maritime Trade Token and places it at the end of the wharf.
 – He may now trade with the bank 3:1 on any resource or commodity and 2:1 on Wood.
 – He has scored 1 game point.
 – No player may build another pier in this ocean hex. 
good placementExample 3: The orange and brown players each have a pier in this ocean hex.
– The orange player may now trade with the bank 3:1 on any resource or commodity.
– The brown played may now trade with the bank 2:1 on Sheep.
– No player may build another pier or a wharf in this ocean hex.  
bad placementExample 4: The orange player has built an illegal wharf.

The Pirate

The Pirate is played the same way as in The Seafarer of Catan with the following addition. When the Pirate is placed on an ocean hex in which a player(s) has built piers or a wharf, all Tokens are removed from the hex and placed face-down back with the other unused Tokens. This represents the Pirate scaring off the foreign shippers. For the duration of the Pirates stay, the piers or wharf cannot be used for maritime trade.

When the Pirate is later moved to another hex, the player(s) may then again randomly draw a token for each pier or two tokens for a wharf and resume trading there.


see The Seafarers of Catan™ rulebook…


This is an unauthorized supplement to The Seafarer’s of Catan written entirely by me. The original game, The Settler’s of Catan, was invented by Klaus Tueber and is manufacured in the United States by Mayfair Games. 

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