New "Momma's Lil' Klingon" dSign

Today I sold my first product with the new and allowed “Momma’s Lil’ Klingon” dSign. After selling a dozen or so infant bodysuits,  children’s t-shirts and bibs, CafePress decided my original Klingon dSign no longer met their guidelines. At this point ,I considered taking down my store. This wasn’t the only dSign they nixed and they were announcing their new pricing system. The new pricing system has so far increased the price the customer pays and has decreased my profit margin. (I wonder who is making out in this deal?) In digust, I went a while without a Momma’s Lil’ Klingon. I still don’t have a Mamma’s Lil’ Trekkie. CafePress banned two of my dSigns and inspiration hasn’t hit me yet for a third try. Anyway, here are the two Klingon dSigns. What do you think?





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  1. This post came out whinier than I intended. What do you think of the new dSign? Any recommendations to improve it?

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