Tip Card

Tipping waiters and waitresses is the accepted practice in the United States. Many do not know the historical reason for it, but we all know it is what we are supposed to do. In fact, in many states servers pay income tax on an assumed wage of 8% of their sales.

We all know we are supposed to tip well for good service and not so well for for bad service. But what is bad service? When should we tip 10%? When 20%? Should we ever stiff a server? Is there a standard? Are we really providing them feedback? What if I am a cheap SOB or don’t want to break a $20?

With all of these question floating around in my head, I decided to set my own standard and provide a little feedback. I have designed a Tip Card that can be filled out and left with the tip. Below is a sample and a link to a printable sheet of 10 cards.

Tip Card.pdf

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