Creation vs. Evolution?

This is a debate that has caused strife for many years. Creation is taught to us by the Bible. Evolution is a proven scientific principle. On the surface they seem mutually contradictory. But, are they and is the strife necessary?
– My Questions –
Is God omnipotent?
Could God create a 100 year old oak tree in one second?
Could God create a billions year old universe in six days?
– My Answer –
Both creation and evolution are truth in the most important sense. The bible lets us know that God created this beautiful and wondrous universe. For which I am extremely grateful. Science lets us know the universe has tremendous expanse and history which we have been give the opportunity to explore and discover. If you too answered ‘Yes’ to the three questions it should be plain that the two concepts are quite compatible. We have a beautiful and wondrous place to explore and to discover and, most important, in which to live. Amen