Polling for Race or Ethnicity

I think it promotes racism to inquire about race or ethnicity. The government should not listen to one group more than another, nor make special arrangement/concessions for one group over another. I encourage all people to be proud of their heritage but our government should treat everyone the same regardless of their DNA.

Laws, Laws and more Laws…

Did you know that last year there where 800 bills that were before the Colorado State Congress and that 400 were signed into law? And, that was just in Colorado. Just imagine how happy our descendants will be in a 100 years when they have hundreds of thousands of new laws to improve their lives.
– My Proposal –
Lets amend the Constitutions so that any bill signed into law, expires twenty years from the date signed. Furthermore, laws already in effect expire on their next anniversary that is a multiple of twenty. This would keep our politicians focused on the most important issues and not legislate us into tiny padded boxes.

Jury Selection

Our jury selection process has gotten ridiculous. Prospective jurors beliefs and philosophies are used as a basis to deny their right to sit on a jury. The only reasons a citizen should be excluded from a jury is if they have a personal relationship with any of the parties involved or stand to personally lose or gain based on the outcome of the trial.
– My Proposal –
Call prospective jurors from the appropriate geographic area using a totally random method. Then restrict jury selection questioning to the following questions; ‘Do you have a personal relationship with any of the parties involved in this trial?’ and ‘Do you stand to personally lose or gain based on the outcome of this trial?’ If either of these are answered ‘yes’ then the person is eliminated otherwise they sit on the jury.

Creation vs. Evolution?

This is a debate that has caused strife for many years. Creation is taught to us by the Bible. Evolution is a proven scientific principle. On the surface they seem mutually contradictory. But, are they and is the strife necessary?
– My Questions –
Is God omnipotent?
Could God create a 100 year old oak tree in one second?
Could God create a billions year old universe in six days?
– My Answer –
Both creation and evolution are truth in the most important sense. The bible lets us know that God created this beautiful and wondrous universe. For which I am extremely grateful. Science lets us know the universe has tremendous expanse and history which we have been give the opportunity to explore and discover. If you too answered ‘Yes’ to the three questions it should be plain that the two concepts are quite compatible. We have a beautiful and wondrous place to explore and to discover and, most important, in which to live. Amen

Crime, Punishment and Jail Time

It really irritates me that the living quarters of inmates are better then those than many enlisted members in our military forces. Here we have people that have refused to live by the rules of our society being treated to a higher standard then the men and women that have volunteered to protect our way of life.
When I was in the Navy I was assigned a bunk in a berthing space. The space was approximately 7 feet by 7 feet and had six bunks in it. Why should prisoners have it any better?
– My Proposals –
1. Reinstate corporal punishment. Rehabilitation is a joke. We need a deterrent. Public flogging, could be such a deterrent. Instead of sitting around watching cable or pumping iron, the convicted criminal is given a number of lashes. Depending on the severity of his crime, he reports back to work/school the next day or the next week. This could go a long way to reduce jail/prison overcrowding. We would also reduce court cost due to appeals. Since in these cases, the punishment could be administered immediately after sentencing.
2. Eliminate guards on the inside of prisons. The people in prisons have, beyond a reasonable doubt, committed crimes thus demonstrating their disregard for our society and the rules by which we have agreed to live. Since their is no place left to banish criminals we still need to provide them with shelter, food and clothing. So isolate them from our society and let them establish their own rules of society without our interference.

The Church, Marriage & Homosexual Unions

Currently, Marriage is two – three party agreements; one between God, a man and a woman, the other between a man, a women and the government. Due to ‘Politically Correct’ opinion both are under fire.
With God, marriage is a promise between a man and a woman to love and support each other. Many argue that being homosexual is part of their nature and we should love them and thus support a same-sex union. The problem with that argument is that a basic belief of the church is that being sinful is part of everyone’s nature. We try to love everyone but we do not condone or support other sins such as stealing or coveting.
With the government, marriage is a contract with all of the clauses written by an entity which knows nothing about the individuals involved. To make matters worse, the rules regulating the contract are subject to change if the couple moves across state lines.
– My Proposal –
The churches should reject participation in the civil process of marriage. That way men and women could be married in the eyes of God and their neighbors. The government could mind it’s own business and the ‘Politically Correct’ could go unheeded. After all, it is more important to be Morally Correct than Politically Submissive.
If necessary, a marriage contract should be written by the man and women involved and the government should have no say in the terms or conditions.